Corporate Entertainment Service

 Corporate Entertainment ServiceOur fresh and dynamic corporate entertainment service is making waves in the music industry. We’ve worked with some of the biggest clients in the region, and are constantly pushing the boundaries to make our corporate entertainment service one of the best in the business. From sophisticated classical quartets to 80s-themed hair metal bands, we have something for every occasion. Our full-service approach ensures that the planning process is stress-free: our corporate entertainment service includes booking, planning, logistics, event coordination, and takedown.


A Focus on Creativity

The last thing you want from a corporate entertainment service is stuffiness, predictability, or a lackluster show. At NRG Music and Productions, we work hard to keep our performances fresh and unexpected, adding new numbers and creative twists to keep the audience engaged. Our media reel showcases great examples of how we intertwine contemporary hits with modern classics, using unexpected instruments and performance styles. In addition, we’ll coordinate with each client to include company shoutouts, or invite special guests up to the stage. We’ve even been known to get a CEO to do the limbo! Get inspired for your party by checking out our themed events and show ideas.


Reliability & Customer Service

By booking an experienced corporate entertainment service like NRG Productions, you’ll avoid the last-minute cancellations and disorganization that you risk with smaller organizations. We have a rich network of musicians and performers to fill-in and provide support, should an event schedule change. Our friendly and capable team can guarantee a great performance, regardless of an unexpected cancellation.


Transparent Quoting

We know that corporate events have to follow a strict budget, so we take care to provide a detailed and accurate quote once we’ve completed our phone consultation. With the full details of your event, we can generate an estimated cost for our entire entertainment service, including tax and suggested gratuities. This helps prevent unexpected costs and keeps our clients’ accounting departments happy. Ready to start planning your event? Contact us today.

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