Party Entertainment to Make Your Guests Smile

 A Fresh Approach to Party Entertainment

Throwing an event but not sure about booking party entertainment? NRG Music & Productions will come to the rescue! Parties are what we do; we view each event as a unique opportunity to offer something special. We love collaborating with our clients to plan party entertainment that hits all the right notes (pun intended!). Whether you’re hosting a corporate soiree, milestone birthday, or charitable event, thoughtful party entertainment options add an extra special touch. Remember, the point is to have fun. Sit back, relax, and let your imagination take over. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


High-Energy Electronica

Party entertainers have come a long way in the last several years. No longer are you stuck with cheesy DJs that play the same old hits. The latest DJ talents offer a more eclectic approach to entertainment, selecting a range of inspiring and mood-setting tracks to provide a sophisticated and relaxed ambience. As your party moves into the night, a great DJ will take the bass up a notch and transform your affair into hip and high-energy event that will have guests gravitating towards the dance floor. NRG takes it one step further by offering the DJ Live Music Hybrid set, an entrancing and inventive performance featuring live musicians alongside digital live DJ tracks. This option will generate s fresh atmosphere your guests will appreciate.

Crowd-moving Creative Cover Bands

Got any parrot-heads amongst your crowd? Book a Margaritaville Showcase and get your guests limboing and hula hooping through the night! This show features a selection of beach-inspired tunes from Jimmy Buffett, the Beach Boys and more. How could you not smile with a piña colada in your hand and a steel drum playing in the background? Looking to entertain a group of classic rock enthusiasts? Plan an Arena Rock Star party and jam out to tunes from Bon Jovi, ACDC, and more. Or, get your guests moving with a Havana Nights performance filled with up-beat music and dancing that will put people in a positive mood.

Classic Entertainment for a Classy Affair

Sometimes a special occasion calls for a touch of class. Whether you’re entertaining potential clients, or an executive-level audience, NRG Music & Productions offers high-end options that will appeal to a sophisticated crowd. Our musicians are classically-trained, and can play advanced pieces from Bach, Beethoven, and Debussy, to name a few. String quartets are perfect for cocktail hours and receptions, and set a refined tone as guests step foot in your venue. For more drama, consider booking one of our opera singers or solo performers. Our teams have performed around the country for crowds in the thousands. Their professionalism, stage presence, and pure skill always leave the audience in awe.

The Professional Approach to Party Entertainment

Last-minute cancellations and flaky performers are every event-planner’s worst nightmare. One of the best things about working with NRG Music & Productions is their professional and reliable approach. Since NRG is formed of a network of full-time musicians, they take customer service very seriously, and in the case of a scheduling change, an excellent alternate is on-hand to cover. Ready to get started on planning your party? Get in touch today!

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